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Powervault® Household Battery

For households that
want to pay less
for their energy bills and enjoy clean power


Portable solutions, ideal for camping, caravans, boating, emergency power or other leisure activities

Powervault ESS

How can we help:

Powervault® battery storage solutions store low-cost electricity from the grid and the excess energy from your solar panels. This supply type to your home is far more cost-effective.

Powervault’s smart monitoring software is also compatible with time-of-day electricity tariffs, ensuring that you only purchase energy at the cheapest rates and maximise savings. 

“… The professionalism of the Powervault® team was fantastic. I save money and I have clean power with out interruptions, flickers or blackouts. Awesome!!…”

D & C Deppeler

Energy Storage Solutions made simple

How is Powervault® ESS different?


Powervault® allows you to store the energy generated by solar panels for later use, even if its dark. Alternatively, store power from the grid by inexpensively charging your batteries overnight, allowing your home to run during the day without drawing power at higher rates.  A powervault® battery storage solution will even keep your electricity on during a blackout or power outage.

Be street smart, and not left in the dark. Powervault ESS can design you a system to back up essential items or power the whole house. Its easy!


Too many trees? Not enough sun? No problem! Here is a battery storage solution now for you. No Solar? No worries! Powervault storage systems can run with or without Solar Panels to charge the batteries.

We also have products tailored for small apartments, villas and townhouses. No longer will you miss out on the benefits of clean, uninterrupted power.

Why Powervault ESS

Powervault® features a battery management system that integrates multilevel safety features, including overcharge and deep discharge protection, voltage and temperature observation, cell monitoring and balancing and time of the day power management, along with a manual bypass if desired.

Energy Storage for everyone

Apartments, villas and townhouses. There is a Powervault® battery storage solution perfect for any living space. Save money on your electricity bills and enjoy clean power without interruptions.

Of course, Powervault® is perfect for any size house too!

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