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About Us

Leading the way in Battery Storage Solutions for every type of household.

Powervault® ESS is committed to providing energy solutions to residential and commercial markets through innovative Battery Storage Solutions using the latest in battery technologies

Don’t overlook the obvious.

We can all store our own power that’s clean, ready on demand and at a much lower cost”.

Powervault® ESS is a Australian company, based in Sydney. With a background in energy efficient products and smart homes. The team has developed numerous designs and products. Our products are about simple Energy Storage for houses, townhouses, villas and apartments. There is a realization that not everyone can utilise solar panels. Why miss out. Why not store cheap off-peak electricity from the grid to reduce household electricity bills. Yes we can store your solar energy as well if you have existing panels.

With all new housing developments fitted with smart meters, as well as numerous existing houses being upgraded, all energy suppliers offer time of day charging tariffs. This means, you pay more during the day when demand is high, and the tariffs drop substantially overnight when demand is low. The automation system used in the Powervault® ESS products allow you to take advantage of these tariffs allowing your electricity usage to run from the stored energy during the day so you play less on your bill.

With both Federal and State Governments seeking ways to support clean energy initiatives programs such as the NSW Government’s Emerging Energy Program, assist in the support and funding of large scale projects but also offers support and initiatives for residential customers for Energy Storage.

Enjoy inexpensive clean power all day every day!

Lifestyle choices

We all want to spend less time worrying about power bills and more time with the family. Being environmentally friendly also means being smart about power usage. Aim to use energy efficient products, but don’t be afraid to turn the lights on because of the cost of rising electricity. Our aim is about giving you the best options to enjoy your home and family time.  

Powervault® ESS is committed to providing energy solutions to residential and commercial markets through innovative battery Storage Solutions using the latest in battery technologies and smart electronics to deliver a seamless efficient product designed to deliver significant savings to our customers off their current electricity power bills.

Current trends in the energy market are about pushing some renewables, however more importantly is a stable grid supply and maximising the opportunity to utilise your own storage the rising electricity costs and decreasing storage costs. Electricity costs have steadily risen and the annual Australian energy cost per household was $5,255 (ABS 2019).

Meanwhile, BloombergNEF has calculated that the cost of lithium-ion batteries has significantly decreased, so the put simply – using an energy storage solution from Powervault® makes economic and social sense.


* Based on average electricity power bill in NSW (if coupled with a PV system)

** An average Australian family home consumes 19kWh per day, However, large homes with pools and ducted reverse cycle air conditioning (and a tendency to use it!) can easily be 50+ kWh a day ($5,500+ year)(Source Energy Australia)